Emergence – neo-noir biotech sci-fi thriller

EMERGENCE is a neo-noir fantasy. Blending an orientalist atmosphere with the marvels of synthetic biology and creative bio-design, this metaphysical mystery explores the themes of free will, and the deep human desire for connection and wonder.

DAMIEN LAMARCK (38), a professional art appraiser, is tricked into coming to Morocco where he’s confronted with the legacy of his FATHER (72), a brilliant bio-engineer. Despite his initial reluctance, Lamarck enters a captivating and surrealistic community of bio-artists’ where he’s compelled to solve the mystery of his Father’s masterpiece: an extraordinary, conscious, synthetic organism in the form of a marvelous garden, which is now dying. After getting to know the community leader, an elegant and charismatic woman named CIRCE (42), Lamarck finds out that he is the only one who has the power to save the Organism, even if it must be done against his will. Lost in a Machiavellian network, will Lamarck flee his past, or will he assume his genetic legacy? He discovers that his actions will not just have a tremendous impact on his personal life, but that they will have repercussions for all mankind.

Co production with Feierabend Produktion

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